BRA fittings can be super helpful – but one woman is confident she wasn’t given the right size during a recent appointment. 

It’s important to make sure you’re wearing the right size bra to keep yourself supported throughout the day. 

This can be helped by getting a lingerie expert to give their verdict on what size they recommend during a bra fitting.

However, one woman has illustrated a less positive experience she had in Victoria’s Secret. 

TikTok user @daliaelichavez has shared the encounter with viewers, who all agreed she was given the wrong size.

Dalia held up a “bra” she’d been told was the right size in Victoria’s Secret after a bra fitting. 

The text over the video said: “Me trying on the 34GG bra at Victoria’s Secret after the girl convinced me it was my size.”

Obviously, it wasn’t actually a bra, she’d instead cut out a bra-shape out of a towel.

Waving it around over her front, it’s clear that it’s way too big for Dalia but she didn’t seem to be too disheartened. 

She wrote in the caption: “They’re like ‘no it’s definitely your size’, like ma’am are we both seeing this right.”

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Viewers quickly commented on the funny mishap and shared their own experiences of being told the wrong size.

One said: “I went the other day & she said a 36DD… my mom and I looked at each other and burst out laughing."

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Another shared: “I wear a DDD and a VS girlie tried to tell me I was a C cup…”

“VS measured me as a 40 A cup. But in reality I’m a 32 D Cup,” a third added.

“I thought I was an A all my life and VS said I was a 32B/34A but after measuring myself and researching I'm actually 34D. looks massive but fits perfect,” someone else said. 

But there was even a Victoria’s Secret employee who revealed the method to their madness.

They admitted: “I work at Victoria’s Secret and I just be guessing.”

Dalia joked in the comments: “Rip to the towel I had to cut to make this.”

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Luckily, one viewer had a great tip to find out what lingerie you should be wearing.

“Yall should try the 'abrathatfits calculator'… Best thing I did. I was wearing DDD and I am an L cup. Explains a lot tbh,” they wrote. 

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