IT'S one of the most popular supermarkets thanks to its affordable prices, but Aldi is equally known for it's super-speed checkout process.

What sets it apart from other supermarket chains is that customers frantically bag their own groceries as cashiers scan the items at lightning fast speeds, which is certainly an art in itself.

But one woman has taken aim at the "annoying" Aldi shoppers who pack all their bags at the till – insisting they should wait until they leave the checkout to do so.

This led to a furious debate in the Aldi UK Shoppers group about what you should actually do instead, and people are completely divided.

The woman wrote: "Why do people that use Aldi not understand you don't pack a trolley full of food into your bags at the till!!! That's the whole point! Annoying…very annoying."

Doing this could slow down the process and hold up other people waiting in line.

The alternative would be to load the trolley up with the scanned items and only bag them once you have left the checkout.

Some people even take the trolley back tho their car before bagging everything up.

While some agreed with this approach, many disagreed claiming it made no difference to the speediness of the checkout process.

Others admitted they enjoy taking on the challenge to try and keep up with the staff member scanning all the items.

And some insisted they refuse to change their approach to suit other people.

One person joked: "I love playing beat the cashier, I'm quite a pro and normally win."

And another said: "I will continue to pack at the till, because I’m faster than they scan items. I even pack my bags in categories too!Freezer/fridge, cuboard, toiletries, fruit/veg. (sic)"

While one argued: "If you have ya bags set up right in the trolley you can put them in as quick as putting it straight into your trolley."

"I always pack my shopping into my bags at the till. This is normal. So can’t understand what the problem is." added a fourth.

But others agreed with her and explained why they choose to pack away from the till.

One said: "I love the fact that I can pack my stuff at my own pace on the wide shelf at the back. So much more civilized than trying to stuff it all in at the till."

Another agreed, writing: "I don't really care myself what people do, I'll happily wait my turn. But I personally go to the packing area after throwing it all in my trolley because my anxiety gets so bad with how quick they scan things, and also worry about people behind me (like you.. who are quite obviously very judgemental)."

So what do you think is the right way?

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