IT’S something that most people fear, when they find out that their partner is up to no good behind their back.

And one woman went to very extreme lengths to find out the truth when she had suspicions that her boyfriend was doing the dirty.

Halle, aka ‘halleeeb’ on TikTok, revealed how she found out her boyfriend was hiding something from her and we can’t believe the dedication. 

She revealed that she recognised some blonde hair in one of his videos, that was definitely not hers, which inspired her mission. 

Putting her social media skills to the test, Halle took on a challenge, and it worked. 

She explained: “When he posted a video on a boat and I saw blonde hair so I went through all his blonde followers, made a fake insta, got it to 200 followers, requested to follow her, and was able to match up the same boat they were on with a pic she posted two years prior.”

If you think you went to extreme lengths by spying on your boyfriend then you were wrong… 

At the time of writing, Halle’s video had only been on TikTok for two days, but had already racked up a whopping 1.8million views. 

It has 306.7k likes, 1,769 comments and 3,170 shares. 

One person said: “If we teamed up I believe we could single-handedly destroy the male species.” 

Another added: “That’s dedication.”

A third commented: “FBI need to offer you a job!” 

People were obsessed with Halle’s dedication to catching out her ex and in another video she revealed “To get back at my ex I staged and edited a mirror selfie with a guy, added it to a shared album we had together, left it there long enough for him to get a notification that a new photo had been added, delete it, and waited for his text that came 5 mins later.” 

It definitely seems like Halle knows what she’s doing when it comes to social media…

Meanwhile, I busted my boyfriend lying to me by looking at the step count on his Apple watch – he’d been at a strip club.

Also, micro-cheating is the new dating trend you need to be aware of – is your partner guilty?

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