A WOMAN has claimed that a date once told her that she’s “not pretty enough” for him to pay for dinner. 

Winta Zesu regularly posts videos of bad “dates” she’s had to show people what the single scene in New York City is like. 

Most of the videos seem to be staged, but viewers assume the 21-year-old’s skits are trying to relay shared experiences by women using dating apps in the Big Apple. 

One video has sparked an explosive debate after Winta claimed she was told that she wasn’t attractive enough for her date to pay for her meal at a fancy Italian restaurant.

She recorded the video from the date, with the camera focusing on her.  

“Can you slow down? Why are you eating so fast?” the alleged date asks off camera. 

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“The food isn't going anywhere.

“Are you enjoying this date or not? I feel like you’re just eating and you’re going to leave.”

Winta responds that she is planning to leave after eating, and requests the man to pass her the salad bowl. 

The date then goes on to ask her to “slide her credit card under the table” for him to pay with. 

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He claims to have a “reputation to maintain at the restaurant” and goes on to say that he assumed Winta was going to foot the bill.  

“You’re just not pretty enough for me to pay for this dinner,” he says.

Winta tells the supposed date that she didn’t bring her card and expects him to pay for the dinner. 

The skit has sparked an explosive debate on social media as viewers can’t agree on who they expect to pay for the meal – or whether it should just be split 50/50.

“I would’ve got up and left him with the bill if a man spoke to me like that,” one woman said. 

“I wouldn't bring my card either if my date acted like that,” another echoed. “If you didn't want to eat, don't plan a date a f*****g restaurant.”

However, some were quick to defend the man, asserting that women shouldn’t assume the male should always pay on a date.

“I know this is a skit, and I know this guy is a tool,” one man said. “But there's some base to what he's trying to convey. 

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“A lot of girls really do just accept dates to go out and get free food.”

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