AFTER three years of hardcore partying and sleepless nights of cramming, graduation is how students close the university chapter of their lives before entering the real world.

So it makes sense that you'd want every moment of the day recorded from start to finish… right?

Well we bet recent Cambridge graduate Tabbi is regretting giving her brother so much responsibility on her big day.

In a viral TikTok video, Tabbi explained how she asked her sibling to record her ceremony which was being streamed to family members who couldn't be there.

She wrote: "Asked my brother to screen record my graduation live stream and this is what happened."

The clip opens with Tabbi and her colleagues standing in front of their university chancellor while abiding by social distancing rules.


Just as she was being called up to the stage, her brother received a rather awkward text from a friend.

And there's no question about – it DEFINITELY overshadowed Tabbi's big moment.

It read: "Ed, I s***t myself again."

And to make matters worse, the iMessage took up the whole top section of the screen – narrowly missing the top of Tabbi's head.

Luckily for Ed, Tabbi saw the funny side and captioned her viral video: "LOL."

One user replied: "[His friend] should go see a doctor."

Another joked: "I honestly think this enhanced the graduation video massively."

"Thoughts and prayers for [his friend]," a third joked.

What's more, the clip has racked up over 1.8 MILLION views – and fellow Cambridge graduates informed Tabbi that the ceremonies were still available to watch on YouTube.

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