SHE was fed up with dealing with her neighbours' kids peeking through her fence.

So Hollie Stubbings decided to take it upon herself to put an end to their antics – using a spray bottle of water.

In a video which showed the kids peering through a tiny gap in the fence, she was seen squirting the water at them from her own garden.

"One way to stop your neighbour's child from annoying you through the fence," she captioned the clip.

While some people thought her plan was hilarious, others weren't so convinced.

"No that’s how you start a war," one wrote.

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To which Hollie replied: "Hahahahah let it begin!"

"Until they bring out the super soaker and seek revenge," another added.

And others wondered why she just didn't fix the fence itself to stop any peeking.

"Just repair the fence!" one wrote.

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"Block the fence simple as," another added.

While a third commented: "A small nail will fix that panel."

"Just cover the hole," someone else agreed.

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Despite everyone's comments, Hollie replied to insist that the little boy on the other side of the fence thought it was hilarious.

"He was proper giggling bless him," she wrote.

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