THE best part about moving into a new house is exploring every room so you can familiarise yourself with your new home.

But one woman discovered something rather odd during her house tour and took to Facebook to find out what it is.

The woman shared snaps of her unusual find which was a miniature door in the corner of one of her walls.

She explained that the tiny door opens and that there's a hole that goes down, Yahoo News Australia reports.

Confused, she asked people what they thought it might be and loads of people had their guesses.

An overwhelming amount reportedly suggested a laundry chute, despite its tiny size.

One person even said they "have one just like it", so was certain that's what it's for.

They added: "And a good one too, you can throw clothes on the floor and simply kick them down the hole.”

But some weren't convinced and said it was "too small" with one saying: "I had one and this is way too narrow."

“You’re meant to throw a shirt or jeans down one at a time, not a whole arm load of laundry,” someone else said, also agreeing it was a laundry chute.

Meanwhile a few others said it could be a "milk delivery box," or perhaps it led to a bin – that way when you sweep the floor to can push the dirt straight down the hole.

One person joked: “That’s how the tooth fairy gets in.”

While another said it was "Stuart Little’s house" – making reference to the children's film about a small mouse.

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