THE new moon is one of the phases of the lunar phases in which the sun and moon meet at a similar degree in the sky. 

Some believe they are unknowingly lined up with the energy created during new moons, having a tendency to make and begin new propensities, ventures, and changes in their day-to-day existence around the month-to-month new moon.

When do new moons occur?

New moons happen when the Moon is between Earth and the Sun once per month because that’s how long it takes the moon to orbit Earth.

During this time, the side of the Moon that is in shadow faces Earth. 

Though the energy of new moons continues for around three days, and later, the lunation, the moon is in fact new briefly—when the sun and the moon are adjusted in the sky.

What to avoid during a new moon?

According to, there are four things to avoid in the course of a new moon, including:

Giving up on something you care about

New moons are tied to creativity. Obviously, some of the time you should relinquish propensities, individuals, and circumstances that at this point don't suit your most elevated great. 

In any case, choosing to abandon anything you genuinely care about on a new moon is a lost cause. What you can do, rather, is track down something else you’re interested in working on by surveying what isn't working and contrasting it with what is working.

Missing out on meeting new people

According to, new moons bring new people into our lives and it is important to try not to pass the opportunity to get to know them. 

At the point when you experience somebody outside of your norm during new moons, be open and inquisitive. Attempt to get to know them because you might be able to develop a deeper connection with them.

Declining unexpected invitations

With meeting new people, the new moon is an opportunity to get out there and seize the day. 

Since new moons are a great time for meeting new people, this is the reason you should accept any unanticipated invitations. By what other means would you meet positive and freshly-faced people? 

Do your best to avoid declining an unexpected invitation to a party or gathering from an old friend who comes along, particularly when it’s on a new moon. 

Stay away from negative people

New moon energy is inconceivably unique, so it is the one day every month that energy channels should be disregarded. 

It is important, though, to welcome all creative energy in order to set any goals you have high up on your list of priorities, according to

Negative people with such equally negative energies negate this idea. They put you in a low spiritual and energetic channel, which influences your mentality. 

Simply put, it's best to avoid others stunting your positive energetic, and spiritual flows.

What to do during a new moon?

Although there are actions that can be avoided during the new moon, there are also some that should be taken for success.

According to Oprah Daily, these actions may include:

  • Setting intentions
  • Creating affirmations
  • Visualize your desires
  • Get a tarot card reading
  • Don’t push yourself too hard

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