MULLETSare becoming a hot new trend, making their comeback from the 80's.

The iconic hairstyle has been popularised by several famous names including hunky vlogger Jeff Wittek and singer Miley Cyrus.

What is a mullet haircut?

The mullet is a hairstyle in which the hair is shorter at the front, much like bangs, and long at the back.

The haircut came to popularity in the 1970s, with David Bowies alter ego, Ziggy Stardust being the most notable celebrity to rock the style.

Referred to as "business in the front, party in the back", the mullet is a choppy hairstyle, with a shorter more professional look in the front, and a longer, wilder cut in the back.

Why is it called a mullet?

The mullet is named after a breed of flatheaded fish with the same name.

It is rumoured that fishmongers in Iceland originally grew the hairstyle to keep their necks warm and dry against the North Atlantic spray where the breed of fish can be found.

Mullet is a compound word combining the words "mull" to ponder, and "et" a Polish suffix meaning eternally.

Thus the Mullet gets its name from those who were forever engaged in intellectual self-reflection and introspection.

How can I get a mullet?

Getting a mullet just requires growing out your hair, trimming the top short, and keeping the back long.

Although it is best to get your hair cut professionally, many TikTok users have opted for a home haircut, so here are some tips to ensure that your mullet cut doesn't end in disaster.

First of all, ensure the hair is freshly washed; it's usually best to cut wet hair, but it will be much easier for you to see the shape you're creating with dry hair and you don't want to make the hair too short.

Divide the top of your hair into four sections, top, back and both sides.

Start with the top middle section and comb your hair over your forehead; then trim the sides.

As you cut, hold the sections up at a 90-degree angle and cut bluntly across.

Take your clipper and slowly buzz the sides off.

Start with a high number guard for safety, and work your way down until you’ve found a length that suits you.

Don’t buzz any further than the bone behind the ear because you want to maintain as much length as you can at the back.

Find out whether your hair is long enough for a mullet here.

What celebrities have a mullet?

The look was originally popularised by Billie Ray Cyrus, singer-songwriter known for the country hit "achy breaky heart".

In recent years, other celebrities have started to rock the haircut, including Billy's daughter Miley Cyrus.

Singing superstar Billie Eilish, comedian Seth Rogen and actress Zendaya have also tried out the hot new hairstyle.

Famous vlogger and barber, Jeff Wittek, is credited for popularising the look among men in recent years.

The 31-year old comedian, best known for his surreal Youtube interview show, "Jeff's Barbershop", cut his and best friend Todd Smith's iconic haircuts in 2020.

Joe Exotic, star of Netflix documentary "Tiger King" is another famous face, responsible for the growing obsession with mullets.


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