FOOD COSTS can quickly add up.

If you're not careful, your trolley contents can end up costing you an arm and a leg before you're even half way around your local supermarket.

But these super savvy sisters have hacked the system and have managed to save £500 per month, all by yellow sticker shopping.

Kate McCarthy, 41, only spends around £40 a week to feed her family of five, while her sister Angie Bond, 52, spends £30 to feed a family of four, they save £120 a week between them.

The siblings do so by keeping an eye out for yellow sticker bargains, as well as making the most of apps like Olio and Too Good To Go.

Despite living apart, with Kate in Greenwich, London and Angie in Launceston, Cornwall, they make a point to share tips and compare the best deals they've found.

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Kate explained: "We never see it as a competition, it's about supporting each other.

"We speak every day and send each other tips that we see online, or recipes.

"It all started because we were just talking about healthy eating, and how you can live on a budget and still make good meals.

Saving money on the all important food shop has become a priority for many families as the cost of living increases.

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Kate said: "We can use the extra money you save to go towards electric bills, or anything you need.

"Everyone's had to change the way they're living now that fuel prices and everything have gone up.

"Having a bit of extra money to set aside just gives us peace of mind."

The duo admit that they often bag the best bargains from Tesco and Morrisons.

She said: "We head there and go to the reduced shelf, because sometimes you can get stuff really cheap.

Kate also revealed that there is a woman on her road who luckily gives lots away on Olio, which saves her some serious cash.

The savvy sisters don't just save money in the shops, they've also got into the habit of batch cooking to save money and in a bid to eat healthier.

Kate explained: "When we get hauls we freeze a lot of stuff.

"Batch cooking makes things so much easier, because when you aren't feeling up to cooking you can just whip something out."

But it's not just food that the pair grab when on their shopping sprees.

Angie said: "Living in Cornwall I'm very aware of the impact that plastic pollution can have on our oceans.

"I saw a bottle of Ocean Saver bathroom cleaner in Morrisons a few weeks ago that I grabbed with the shop.

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"I couldn't believe my luck!

"We have also got cookbooks through Olio before, which were and they're perfect if you aren't sure what to do with something you've grabbed."

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