MAR 21 – APR 20

Any friendships that are stuck in a rut get a new sense of purpose as Saturn shifts – and you can revive shared projects with a celebrity angle.

But your star prize is to be at the centre of a group you know genuinely cares where you go next.

Your passion profile points towards adventure, especially when a tall Taurus is involved. Luck waits where names are checked.

DESTINY DAYS Tackle boring chores on Tuesday, to power through at double speed.

Check emails on Wednesday for a forgotten “H” address. Step up a cash system on Saturday.

LUCKY LINKS A phone number starting and ending in “0”. Someone who loves to travel, but not by air. Food or drink linked to a film.

SATURN RESET If you’ve been holding out for confirmation that a group or team will welcome you, this can come as Saturn switches to a forward path.

And so many aspects of life that you may have given up on over the summer can be back on your agenda.

Autumn colours, golden circles, and journeys that take you South can all link to upcoming luck.

Yes, you can take your place in a celebrity world, almost by accident. And feel totally at home.


APR 21 – MAY 21

This week you’re ready to steady your ambitions and get yourself on to some hotshot lists. 

Because now the manager planet is back on track, you see success as something so accessible.  

And yes, this can include one or more luscious love goals.  

Someone who seems to see straight to your deepest self can be a wonderful new partner – or a one-in-a-million friend.

DESTINY DAYS  If you’re missing someone special on Monday, let them know. 

Wear your favourite jewellery on Thursday. 

Sunday is your day to start something you’ve been putting off.

LUCKY LINKS   A cash queue in an “L” location.  

Three women with three-letter names. 

A white vehicle with a red roof.

SATURN RESET   Maybe you’ve felt you had to let some goals go  (and regretted it) recently.  

Now Saturn’s trajectory is back on track, you can pick up where you left off – and have confidence in your ability to keep going, no matter what.  

A luxury item you love to watch or wear, can be part of your career future – and goals you set for finances may seem over-ambitious at first, but you do have the ability to reach them.

Right now is a time of action, not thinking, or doubting.


MAY 22 – JUNE 21

Your secret skill, all week, is the ability to stick with people and projects, even when everyone else fades away.  

This Saturn-strong loyalty is what a VIP group have been watching for.  As the moon and Jupiter bond, key prizes can have a round theme – a dance or game where people form circles can be part of this.  

Love wakes you up with a “T” name in your heart.

DESTINY DAYS You have great detections skills on Tuesday, to find out facts – or track down missing faces.  

Locations to the East of you lead to challenges on Friday.  Flashing red lights spell luck on Sunday.

LUCKY LINKS A local family of five you always admire.  Your best friend from your first-ever job.  The music you hear in an “M” location.

SATURN RESET  Your greatest gift from this week onwards is the ability to grit your teeth and push on with determination.    

Yes, this is a wonderful work plus, and the right bosses are already looking at your resume and loving what they see.  

But you also have a personal vulnerability that’s unique and irresistible, because you are able to admit when you don’t know something and/or need some help.  

This is a wonderful love attractor.


JUNE 22 – JULY 22

Your chart theme is change, and in ways that are productive and forward-facing.  

So even if a new lifestyle or love bond starts out more demanding than you expect, you can be confident this can pass. 

Venus, planet of adoring what you do, infuses your work chart with positive vibes – you lead the way on teamwork ideas.  Luck rings you on an unusual phone.

DESTINY DAYS Tuesday and Wednesday, open up new avenues of cash discovery.  On Friday, do show up for an event, even if you’re not keen.   Sunday, restart a sport or leisure session from scratch.

LUCKY LINKS  An anniversary celebration.  A display of blue items.   The friend you always associate with absolute honesty.

SATURN RESET  Your key star skill for the next few months is research – for yourself and for other people. From family trees to personal histories, you can take facts and flesh them out into stories that are rich in potential.  

And yes, as Saturn swings direct, that writing-based career can start to look like reality.  Big decisions linked to who you believe in, and why, are ready to be made, too.  

You can surprise yourself, yet never doubt that the choices you are making are the right ones


JULY 23 – AUG 23

Compromises may not be your usual style, but you can make them your own this week. 

And meet family, friends and partners in the middle. 

Mercury, Mars and the Sun all heat up your word-power – from quizzes to interviews to love questions, you say exactly the right thing. 

Jupiter brings teamwork prizes and the chance to step into shiny new work shoes.

DESTINY DAYS  From Monday to Wednesday, you have a striking teaching
gift, ready to pass on precious knowledge or experience. 

A face by candlelight is so special on Saturday.  Sunday’s your day to gather a family back together.

LUCKY LINKS  A blue bookcase against a white wall.  A building with
window shutters.   Your least favourite character in your most favourite
TV show.

SATURN RESET  You’re such a successful long-term love bet in the
upcoming months, as you mix emotional staying power with a new sense of
who you are and what you need. 

So you give a lot to love, but you also know when and where to draw the line.   

And a partner will sense this new Saturn shift in you, and start to play by your rules. 

Single? Keep expecting the respect you know you deserve, do not settle for less.


AUG 24 – SEPT 22

AMONG many skills, your personal power this week is the ability to start again, and do it with no sense of regret or resentment. 

In any working world, this is such a valuable asset. 

In love terms, too, not holding a grudge sets you apart – and helps you move on faster, if you need to. 

New Virgo passion links to old musical instruments, or records.  Luck circles “45”.

DESTINY DAYS: Surprise invites are a must-do on Monday. 

But save Wednesday for staying home and setting up a new personal schedule. 

Check wilder cash impulses on Saturday.

LUCKY LINKS: Pictures of the seaside.  The soundtrack of a favourite
childhood film. A set of fitness questions.

SATURN RESET: So many health and work chances may have felt like they
were slipping through your fingers lately – but now you can hold on
tight again. 

And start taking the firm steps upwards, or outwards, you know you need. 

Yes, you’re too big a fish for a small work pond, and an “S” offer that’s repeated can hook your interest.

Fitness-wise, instead of playing a waiting game, you’re out in front, leading the way. 

And this time you can reach the finish line of even the most challenging


SEPT 23 – OCT 23

It’s not too late to bring back a work discussion, especially if bigger pay, or smaller hours, are part of it. 

You’re learning you have greater stamina than you think.

When you decide to speak, the right people will be ready to listen.

If you’re in love, this is a week of true talking, and honest views on
where to next. 

Single? A swift smile in traffic can fast-track love.

DESTINY DAYS: Open your heart, and your home, on Wednesday. Follow a
fashion dream on Friday, wherever it takes you. Reset a home financial
set-up on Saturday.

LUCKY LINKS:  Yellow stripes on a white background. A logo that includes a crown. Place names that end in “A”.

SATURN RESET: Business and romance can build into a powerful mix for
you as Saturn spins direct. 

Perhaps you meet a new and forever love interest while one or both of you is working – or in or around a place people sign up for casual shifts.

Perhaps you and a current partner can pool talents and take an enterprise idea all the way to a judging panel.

You have a powerful mix of flexible ideas and future-proofed ambition that
is ready to take you to exciting places.


OCT 24 – NOV 22

So many love-steps you have taken lately pay off now as passion starts to go your way – and even long time relationships have the ability to feel like new. 

If you’re single, seeing how kind someone can be is the final Venus nudge
your heart needs towards romance. 

Mars makes secrets hard to keep – but easy to create, as you are primed for hot, hidden adventures.

DESTINY DAYS: Monday is a great day for meetings, however long you’ve
had to wait. 

But Tuesday is perfect for taking time out alone to think through recent offers. 

On Sunday, you can get your name on a luck or love shortlist.

LUCKY LINKS: A beauty counter giveaway. A 40th birthday celebration.  Fabric patterned with zigzags.

SATURN RESET: You have the most stable home and family zone in the
zodiac as Saturn settles into a forward path. 

What this means is different for everyone – but key takeaway is that security is what you make it. 

And expecting more from people around you is step one.   

Digging deeper into your own personal history and fixing parts that hold
you back is step two. 

So you head towards the horizon feeling confident about your place in the world, and in your own life.


NOV 23 – DEC 21

You’ve got a moon path of personal fulfilment this week, so do try to be patient, as results may not be instant — but they are on their way.

The more you prove you are prepared to wait, the better the outcome can be. 

Plus your new personal zone of Venus passion stirs up feelings wherever you go.

Your most vocal friend has the best business plans – do get yourself in

DESTINY DAYS: Value friends first, and social media last, on Tuesday. 

Keep part of Thursday free for re-thinking how a home is shared. Check
out prize numbers again on Saturday.

LUCKY LINKS: A design or arrangement of white flowers.  The scent of
spices.  The friend with the most designer items.  

SATURN RESET: Your communication style, looking ahead, is focused on staying power. 

So you can keep asking for what you want, and need, no matter what the

In all negotiations, you have a cool head and a calm approach that keeps everyone else on their toes. 

But when you’re ready to make a choice, you do it clearly, and you don’t look back. 

If you’d love to ask (or ask again)  a special passion question, then meticulous planning skills help this happen in an unforgettable way.


DEC 22 – JAN 20

As your star boss Saturn redirects in your profits-based chart, you have the coolest head in the zodiac. 

So from work deal deadlines to drilling down into the best shopping bargains, you stay ahead of the curve. 

But you also recognise who has your back, and who you should step away from, for your own sake.

This time round, a love lottery can find you winning big.

DESTINY DAYS: You are ready to hear, or to say, “sorry” on Monday. 

Thursday is your day to mix up music genres and sample something totally new. 

Saturday finds you full of creative ideas that can make you rich.

LUCKY LINKS: A horse racing fan. The family member with the most
colourful style. A list of twenty names or numbers.

SATURN RESET: In money matters, you are outstanding, with new Saturn
strength that helps you see through any bargaining session – and bag
deals that are a surprise on so many levels.

You are also ready to do a review of loyalty levels and head back towards someone special with a new offer. 

You can admit mistakes and have the patience to keep trying till you stop making them. 

This is a value-added work benefit that bosses will lap up.


JAN 21 – FEB 18

Your own sign is the strongest and surest thing in the zodiac this week. 

And all those personal decisions you’ve had to keep on hold can start to make themselves. 

Confidence is quiet, but ready to strengthen even your wildest plans.

It may feel like a risk to get romantic feelings out in the open, but you are ready — Venus makes sure a comedy fan friend is ready, too.

DESTINY DAYS: Put loyalty before money – or fame – on Tuesday.  Stick to the plan you pre-prepared on Thursday.  Fly high and try a new hobby on Saturday.

LUCKY LINKS: The workmate who’s the biggest football fan.  A street
where all the doors are the same colour.  Sets of six items – or ideas.

SATURN RESET: Aquarius is Saturn’s current home, so as the management
planet’s path changes, this can power you forward into a life-changing
personal future. 

Confidence links to doing your absolute best in every challenge, no matter what the outcome – instead of always feeling you have to explain, or apologise. 

Your name can be on a winning cheque, in a contest that demands concentration and commitment.

And in love, it’s your time to take the lead and set the limits on what you know you need.


FEB 19 – MAR 20

As Mercury tracks back through your deep connections sector,  you can be much clearer about who you need to draw closer – and who you can keep at a distance. 

Because you realise certain people don’t, or won’t, put your happiness first. 

Venus powers your success zone with a glorious array of feelings – so get ready to celebrate passion on every level.

DESTINY DAYS: Listen again to a recorded message on Monday  — you may
have misheard first time. 

Add your name to a work list that’s tough, but so tempting, on Wednesday. 

Be yourself in love instead of trying to pretend, or predict, on Sunday.

LUCKY LINKS: A local exhibition of international names or numbers.  A
song that reminds you of a special meal.  Numbers counting up or down in threes.

SATURN RESET: From this week forward, you are becoming steel on the
inside and velvet on the surface – the kind of friend everyone instinctively trusts. 

Any line of work with an element of secret-keeping, or subtle observation of others, perhaps through a camera, can be a natural choice. 

Yes, you have held on to privileged information for a long time, but if it is starting to feel uncomfortable, you can let it go now.

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