A COUPLE have been inundated with praise after showing how they transformed an old van into a stunning home in just eight months.

Jaz and Crystal explained how they've been living in their 2016 DIY Sprinter van conversion for one-and-a-half years, along with their beloved two dogs, Bella and Izzy.

They bought the van for £8,300 and spent the next eight months and a further £5,900 converting it into a beautiful and spacious titchy home.

"It took us about eight months to build the van," says Crystal, in a video shared to YouTube (@ExploringAlternatives).

"We were actually working full time when we built it so any time we had the opportunity before, after work and over the weekend, we'd go full force and put all our energy into it because we couldn't wait to get on the road."

The couple, who share their adventures on social media (@vanwives), have since travelled across Canada, and through the US, Mexico and into Guatemala, and spent the spend the majority of their time camping, hiking, chasing waterfalls and foraging foods.


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"When you first walk into our home or first come in through the slide door, this is what you see," Crystal says.

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"This area we built around the dogs which we did with most of the van. This is actually their bed.

"Right now it's a bench – we can use it as a reading nook, but it also pulls out so the girls can sleep on it at night or when we're going for long drives.

"Inside the bench we have storage for their toys, food and lots of other things."

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She then takes social media followers on a tour around the kitchen, which includes a two burner stove and a black walnut counter top.

"One of my favourite things in our van is our floor to ceiling pantry," Crystal explains.

"It's full of our food. We have extra water, extra dog food…we havepots and pans and tonnes of space so it's something you don't have to worry about when it comes to cooking.

"Everything is very accessible."

She continues: "Another huge element of our kitchen and van is our fridge.

"It's actually quite large.

"We went with the bigger fridge because we eat mostly plant-based so we store most of our vegetables in it."

The couple go on to show off their custom-made fruit basket along with their useful cleaning closet.

"We lined our van with overhead cabinets the entire way for extra storage," Jaz explains.

"We actually share a wardrobe so it comes in kind of handy."

The savvy DIY fan goes on to say how they opted for a bed-bench style and an open concept as they have dogs which they like to go back and forth freely.

"We also love having people over and we enjoy our little swivel table," she continues.

"We actually made it with some plumbing pipe which is a very simple design – really easy and really affordable and we just put some cedar planks on top."

Jazmyn then points out how the living area is also the bedroom.

"Our bed is very easy to put together," she says.

"It only takes a minute or two to set up and it makes pretty much a double bed and it fits all four of us pretty comfortable."

The video has since been inundated with praise from social media users – with many congratulating Jaz and Crystal on their incredible DIY campervan.

"Love when people make their own van house!! Looks great!" enthused one.

A second praised: "The custom fruit & vegetable shelf was brilliant idea since so much does not need to be refrigerator. Love your dogs."

A third commented: "This is definitely my kind of build! Very natural and simple!"

Meanwhile, a fourth noted: "Wow!! This camper van conversion is AMAZING!! Well done!"

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A further added: "What an amazing conversion. Hard to believe that is inside a van."

And one more added: Love Love this amazing van build.. You girls have really done an amazing job..so functional and beautiful."

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