It’s been a long, grueling winter. But now that we are on the heels of spring (and with vaccination centers doing their thing), we can soon step out into the world—albeit with precaution and following state guidelines—and bask in the sun. And thanks to Uniqlo, we can do so with outfits for the entire family.

This week, the Japanese retailer has released the 10th edition of Uniqlo U, a biyearly collection crafted by French designer Christophe Lemaire and his partner, Sarah-Linh Tran. Since 2016—when Lemaire was appointed artistic director of Uniqlo Paris R&D, the hub that creates Uniqlo U—the duo’s designs have been celebrated for their clean lines, sleek fits, and neutral hues. Elevated basics is a phrase often designated to designer collections offered by mass retailers, but, according to many fashion insiders, Uniqlo U is a cut above most.

For the spring 2021 season, Lemaire and Tran didn’t deviate from their formula. On offer for women are their stalwart semi-sheer shirts (this time with stripes), cotton-poly blend tops, flowing tunic dresses, A-line twill skirts, and jackets in rich earth tones. The men’s pieces follow the same color palette: brown striped tees, khakis, and charcoal jackets and boat-neck tops. What is new to Uniqlo U, however, is the introduction of childrenswear.

“We took staples from Uniqlo U and adapted them to kids’ wear,” Lemaire tells “Sometimes we adapted materials and colors. So it was not starting from scratch for kids, but rather taking something existing and scaling it down, basically.”

Now, kids can get in on the action that Uniqlo U fans have loved for years. And with the spring season fast approaching, there can be many opportunities for mommy-and-me (or daddy-and-me) moments outdoors. As Lemaire affirms, “Every detail became smaller, and it was very cute.”

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