GROCERY shopping doesn't have to be expensive. In fact, these mums will do whatever it takes to spend as little as possible on their weekly shop.

And now, they've shared their best tips and tricks to help you save loads on your food bill too – and you don't need to spend hours in the kitchen either.

1. Only buy what you need

While it's easy to stock up on items you don't necessarily need, Australian mum Erin says it's a sure-fire way to blow your budget.

She sets herself a fortnightly challenge to keep her shop under $250 (£136) for her family of four – and it works every time.

"My biggest tip would be to buy what you need for that week or fortnight or until you plan on shopping next. Our pantry, freezer and fridge can look pretty empty at the end of the fortnight," Erin told Australia's leading weight loss program, the Healthy Mummy.  

This works because it encourages you to use everything in your kitchen before you shop for more – and any leftovers can be made into smaller meals or snacks.


2. Go meat-free once a week

This tip can save you hundreds over time, and you'll hardly even notice the change come dinner time.

Another mum Katie makes at least one vegetarian meal per week which she says saves her a fortune.

The best part is that meals such as a vegetable curry, stir fry, omelette or pasta dish don't take any extra time either.

So it's a no brainer if you want to save time and money in the kitchen.

3. Make use of your freezer

For mum Sally, a full freezer means a full wallet.

She swears by a jam-packed freezer for staying on top of her financesand it means there's always something to eat as well.

If anything is nearing it's use-by date, Sally will pop it in the freezer which means nothing ever goes to waste.

This works particularly well for yoghurt and cut-up fruit, as well as bolognese or other leftover meals.

4. Avoid the shops altogether

There are times you might feel there's nothing in the house to eat, but mum Eleanor reckons you should scan your pantry before heading to teh supermarket.

In her opinion, there's usually plenty of meal options using the ingredients you already have so look there first to save yourself some cash.

She has a very small food budget for her family of six so she challenges herself to use up what she has in the pantry, fridge and freezer.

Then she will pop to the supermarket to pick up a few extra items she mightneed, but the bill will always be far cheaper.

5. Prepare budget-friendly meals

Finally, a great way to save some money on your grocery bill is by making budget-friendly meals which are not only cheap but go go the distance too.

A hearty beef stew is often a good option and it means plenty of leftovers you can freeze too.

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