WITH energy bills rising and households up and down the country feeling the pressure, many are looking for tips and tricks on how to save on their monthly bills. 

Luckily, the experts at AO.com are on hand with some of the answers, as they’ve revealed three easy ways in which people can alter their daily routines to help them save some much-needed money.

On AO’s Instagram account, they recently shared a helpful video full of advice under the caption: “3 tips to cut down on energy part 2.”

They then went through them in detail one by one, showing how a simple change in each room can actually end up going a long way. 

Lifting the lid on the first hack that can be done throughout the home, the experts said homeowners should “draught-proof windows and doors to keep in heat.”

In the video, they suggest closing doors and windows where appropriate, including those you wouldn’t usually. 

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Next, they advise swapping a lengthy, hot bath for a quick – but equally as effective – shower, as it typically uses less water.  

The third is to pay greater attention to washing instructions on our clothes, as it could help dramatically reduce the monthly total.

They continued: “Read the label of your clothes and wash them at 30 degrees if it says to.”

This follows AO’s other tips, which include only using the amount of water you need to make a cup of tea, rather than boiling a whole kettle each time you fancy a cuppa.

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They also suggested opting for eco-mode or quick wash on your washing machine when putting on your next load. 

Other helpful hacks included defrosting your fridge to “keep on top of icy build ups” and  “choosing a heat pump dryer, [as] they’re the most efficient around.” 

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Immediately, the brand’s social media followers thanked them for their invaluable guidance and their “good tips.”

Some even added their own, writing: “I avoid hot drinks in the day, just have one first thing in the morning and stick to water all day then.” 

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