YOU may have thought gardening season was over, but it turns out there are some plants that come in handy during the winter.

Most homes will get condensation on the windows during the winter as the temperature drops.

Condensation can soon turn into mould and damp so it's something we all want to keep on top of.

Thankfully, gardening experts have revealed a simple way to reduce condensation without having to put any effort in at all.

While many may use a cloth to wipe down windows in the morning or a savvy vacuum gadget – a simple houseplant could do the trick as well.

Taking to Facebook, one gardener asked if houseplants were effective at banishing condensation – and she received a unanimous response.



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One wrote: "Spider and snake plants are the best. They're super easy to grow. I have about three or four and I haven't had any condensation."

A second added: "My conservatory and bedrooms are full of these plants and I never have condensation on my windows, but the rest of the bedroom where I don't have any I do, so I think it's probably working."

And the best part is that both snake and spider plants are super easy to look after if you're not naturally green fingered.

"I have a snake plant in the bedroom. It is supposed to help with the air quality. I forget all about it and it still survives," explained a third.

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"I also have a spider plant on top of a cupboard. I neglect this one too because it is too high for me to water. It seems to be okay though. They are both really easy and I don't find that I have any condensation in my house."

Plant experts at Jay Scotts confirmed that both plants can "prevent condensation" to avoid mould.

They told the Express: "If you're looking for the best plants that absorb humidity without much of an investment, these are definitely the perfect plants for you."

For maximum impact, keep the plants in rooms where condensation is most common, such as the bathroom, kitchen and bedrooms.

Jacky Chou, principal and director at Archute, added, "An easy-to-care-for choice, the spider plant has slender green leaves with white stripes.

"It's adaptable to various light and temperature conditions and only needs occasional watering and feeding.

"Plus, it produces little baby plants that dangle from the main plant, which you can easily grow yourself.

"As well as helping to reduce humidity levels by absorbing moisture from the air and is great at purifying the air by removing pollutants like formaldehyde, xylene, and carbon monoxide."

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You can purchase a spider plant for as little as £2.99 from The Nunhead Gardener.

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