THIS is the moment two tradesmen got a massive fright after finding a fox and her litter living under a client's flooring.

Jamie Gracie, from Carluke, Lanarkshire, Scotland, was preparing to rewire the property when he discovered the wild animals on Thursday.

He had set his phone to record to get a better look before the flooring before starting the job.

But while scoping out the space he was faced with the curled up and furry body of the adult fox.

Moments later, a litter of pups can be seen in full view.

Sharing the clip on Twitter, Jamie said: "Me and Joshua starting a re wire the day went down under the floor & there is a fox."

In the first 13-second recording, he can be heard yelling "oh, oh my God" after spying the animals.

Asked what happened to the adorable fox family, Jamie later revealed they were still there, adding: "Not a job for me, no way. [SSPCA] job."

His clips have now gone viral, racking up almost 70,000 views in 48 hours.

And his fellow tradesmen have found the videos very relatable.

One said: "Hahahaha the first scout under the floor is the worst."

Another added: "F*** that mate, better than the spiders ye come across but."

Meanwhile, a third recalled: "I met a cat under a floor one day while pulling cables to the board, both of us had kittens."

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