A SAVVY mum already has her Christmas shopping done and dusted after snapping up a trolley load of bargain buys for her kids at a huge sale at B&M.

Christmas may still be five months away, but that didn't stop one mum from stocking up on presents for her kids early, after coming across a series of deals that saw toys reduced to just £5.

Posting to Facebook, thrifty shopper Jamie shared a picture of the gifts she managed to snap up while searching for bargains in a huge sale at a B&M store in Sheffield.

She revealed in Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK that her entire trolley load came to just over £100, with each toy costing no more than £5.

The mum wrote: "CHRISTMAS SHOPPING HAS STARTED. Thank you for telling us about the B&m sale!! All this for £104…"

Conscious of being called out for taking all the deals on offer and not leaving anything left for others to grab, she added: "Side note, these are for numerous children, I didn’t get everything, there was loads!!

"UPDATE – everything was £5, the cars near the handles was £1!"

Hundreds of fellow parents commented on her post, with many insisting Jamie didn't need to explain why she was stocking up.

Passing no judgement, a fellow mum said in response: "You got what you needed, no need to explain."

Another said: "You do not need to justify how many you brought or for how many different children buy as many bargains as you can when you see them."

A third shared: "It doesn’t matter how many children it is for or what you left. It’s your money to spend."

"You can buy what you like. You know your finances and it’s no one else’s business so you shouldn’t have to justify what you have bought," added one more.

Others were keen to do the same as Jamie and get prepared for Christmas, with one woman teasing: "Guess where I might end up after work!"

"Good job thinking about Christmas ?! Maybe we should start," said one fellow mum who tagged her partner.

And it sounds like plenty of other parents have been making the most of B&M's toy sale, as another shopper revealed: "Went to my local at about 6 last night and the lady said it was chaos nothing left lol some good bargains if you managed to get them!"


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