A MUM of three has shared some brilliant ideas to keep kids busy.

Sharing on Instagram for her 133k followers, Becky shares at home activities for kids from painting to making and creating.

The mum of three boys aged 13, 5 and 7 has come up trumps with her latest idea, which uses only left-over Quality Street wrappers, which we all surely have after the Christmas indulgence.

She captioned the series of snaps with: "Quality streets wrappers!! If like me you have a few tins of quality streets! Here's a few things you could do with the wrappers!"

The first creation is a lantern where your child glues the wrappers to a jar which can then be turned upside down, have a candle put in it and fill the room with coloured light.


The second idea is taping the wrappers over the end of a finished loo roll tube to make a colour viewer and change how your child sees things.

Becky's third genius use for the jewel-coloured wrappers was to have your child make a stained glass window. Stick the sweet wrappers on some paper or create a black outline of a window for them to tape them to.

The next idea was to use the colours of the wrapper to make your child hunt down an object in the home which matches the colour. So for example, if you give them the purple wrapper they have to find a purple object that matches like an aubergine.

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Another creative idea was to make a sun catcher, for which Becky cut a circle in a paper plate then had her child glue some of the wrappers to fill the circle in and then hung it in the window, ready for the sun.

If you are lucky enough to have a lightbox at home, let you children put the Quality Street wrappers on it and observe how they refract light.

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A simple but fun idea to use up the wrappers involves water and a piece of paper. Have your child paste the colourful sweet wrappers on to white paper, let them dry then peel them off to reveal interesting prints left behind on the page.

The final use for the leftover chocolate packaging Becky admitted 'went down like a lead balloon' but may work for other families.

She drew a shape, e.g a heart or a star then had her kids aged 5 and 7 make a mosaic within the shape with cut up bits of the coloured wrappers.

On Instagram her bio reads that: "Love doing treasure baskets and other fun creative play activities and just wanted to share. I'm a mum to 3 boys!"

Fellow parents praised Becky's genius crafts saying: "Love these ideas! Thanks."

"These posts are always my favourite."

As lots of fans tagged friends and fellow parents they knew could do with some help.

"Lots of great ideas." said another.

With so many options, you really can't go wrong.

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