HAPPY FUTURE: After developing a video set in Milan and filmed by Luca Guadagnino to present its spring 2021 collection, Salvatore Ferragamo imagined a city of the future for its fall 2021 digital showcase, to be unveiled today at 2 p.m. CET.

Actually, the brand, for the “Future Positive” event, combined virtual reality and the physical experience of today’s real world for a ground-breaking project creating a conjunction between present and future.

“I’m very passionate about sci-fi movies, I grew up with pre-Millennium films like ‘Star Wars,’ ‘Matrix’ and ‘Gattaca,’ that we subtly referenced,” said Salvatore Ferragamo creative director Paul Andrew, explaining the concept behind the presentation on the set of the video a few days ahead of the official unveiling.

The set of the Salvatore Ferragamo fall 2021 digital showcase. Courtesy of Salvatore Ferragamo

Suggesting an optimistic idea of a positive change ahead of us, Andrew designed a New York of the future with new buildings meeting the already existing ones, space ships, as well as a clear sky and chirping birds. If the city is rendered in virtual reality, the models populating it are real and, through the portal of a building designed in the shape of the brand’s Gancini logo, they enter a tunnel. Like in the “Gattaca” movie, this acts like a portal that brings the models back to the present, in Milan’s Rotonda della Besana location.

Here, they walk the circular space, covered in a black fabric and featuring at its center a sculptural transparent pyramid, which, hit by the rays of light, as in a prism, projects a rainbow.

“The rainbow is a positive symbol of many things, such as joy, inclusivity, diversity,” Andrew said. “In these unsettling times, we really wanted to push the boundaries, envisioning a future full of hope.”

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