A MUM has shared her cleaning routine for her sons room, but got tonnes of hate for it.

The Tiktok, which has 2.6million views, also has nearly 300,000 comments.

The mum-of-two wrote: "Yup, that's right. That's me just making the boys beds at 16.30 in the afternoon…"

Kayleigh has a 3-year-old son and a 7-year-old son who share a bedroom.

She began with a messy room, beds unmade and a few cushions on the floor then showed the room with the beds freshly made and her spraying 'Febreeze Unstoppables' on top of the bedsheets.


"No pressure or mum guilt to try get everything done in the morning." She wrote over her cleaning her sons 'gamer' cushion and chair.

Kayleigh then showed herself vacuuming her sons bedroom carpet and getting those perfect 'vaccuum lines' she mentions in her other videos.

"All done now!" she wrote as she sprayed 1001 carpet fresh on top the thick shag pile grey carpet in her kids room.

Some commenters were not fans of Kayleigh's cleaning routine as they wrote: "I’m having an asthma attack just looking at you spraying that on their beds."

"All those chemicals being sprayed is completely unnecessary just open the window to air it out," another agreed.

One thought her use of sprays was unnecessary, saying there is: "No need to be spraying that all over their pillows. Poor boys."

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"No hating but your spraying chemicals on kids pillow where they put their faces."

One warned that: "Please dont use the Febreze bc this can cause acne, rashes and other skin problems especially by kids."

An extreme commenter said: "I’m not one to be obsessing over holistic health or anything, but that spray is carcinogenic."

Some better advice came from another commenter, who said: "Looks great but you shouldn’t use that much freshener on the beds everyday."

"Literally so many chemicals are being sprayed. Not trying to hate bc it looks awesome but you can get essential oils etc instead," advised one.

"You’re spraying so many chemicals around," another reminded her.

"Please don’t spray all these chemicals. They could really affect their health, hormones, concentration etc

A fellow mother wrote: "No need to spray chemicals everywhere."

However some pointed out that even essential oils are chemicals, so really, the mum could not win.

One commenter asked: "Get them to make their own beds? If they are below the age of five fair enough, but attempting to make a bed isn’t hard (of course the top bunk may need help)."

To which she replied: "I’d love to know who’s 3 year old can make a bed already and who’s 7 year old can make a top bunk."

Kayleigh, who has 1.6million followers, describes her content in her bio as: "cleaning, mum life & a bit of everything else."

The stylish kids room brought in compliments too as many asked: "Love the bedding, where is it from pls?" and "Love the desk chair! Where is it from?"

Kayleigh kindly shared where she got her sons furniture, saying: "Bunk beds are from kids beds online, bedding is from @johnlewis, cushions are from ikea & lampshade from next."

One commenter even admitted: "This is the nicest boys room I’ve ever seen."

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