HAVE you ever wondered what goes on behind your dishwasher door?

Well, one plumber has delighted people by sharing a video showing just what's happening when your dishwasher is running through a cycle.

He took to TikTok to share a video which showed the dishwasher in action, with the spray arm jets at the bottom spraying water up from all angles.

"Ever wonder what really happens inside a dishwasher?" he captioned his video.

"Well, here's a clear model to show!"

The comments section was quickly filled with people admitting they had no idea that's actually how the dishwasher worked.

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"I really used to think the whole thing filled with water," one wrote.

"Idk why I thought the whole thing filled with water like a washing machine," another added.

"Wait the whole thing doesn’t fill up with water?!?" a third questioned.

"I have always wondered," someone else commented.

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As others questioned why they have yet to make a dishwasher with a clear door.

"But why hasn’t any company made a clear door yet?" one wrote.

"The satisfaction is BEYOND. For all ages."

"imagine how cool a see through dish washer would be," another added.

"Ok so why is the washing machine see through but dishwasher isn’t," a third commented.

"Hmm why dont they have clear door dishwashers," another asked.

While someone else wrote: "I would pay for a clear dishwasher".

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