A WOMAN has left people stunned after showing the effects of 'girlfriend air' on her husband and the glow up he had once dating her.

Janie took to social media to weigh in on the debate of the effects of 'girlfriend air' and 'boyfriend air.'

The terms are going viral on social media with people claiming men tend to have a glow-up when they get a girlfriend whilst women somehow always look worse when around their boyfriends.

And it seemed Janie proved the theory was right as she showed her husband's transformation from when they first started dating to after they got married.

In the clip, Janie wrote: "This whole 'girlfriend air' trend has to be real because this is my now husband before we were dating/married vs after."

Janie then showed images of her husband before they started dating vs after they got together and it has left people stunned.



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In the before images, her husband, William can be seen with a shaggy beard, unkempt hair and thick-framed glasses.

His style was wearing baseball caps, hoodies and football T-shirts.

But after he bagged Janie everything changed.

He ditched the glasses and beard for a more groomed look and even started working out – showing off his abs in one photo.

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His style also had a revamp too, ditching his football teams T-shirt for tailored suits.

William even cut his hair for a more modern quiff and in general, looked much more handsome thanks to Janie's 'girlfriend air.'

The clip posted to her TikTok account @sunny_smilesz has since gone viral with over 2million views and over 400k likes.

"Sorry for outing you @William Houston Shue but you do clean up good," she captioned the post.

And people couldn't agree more, many took to the comments agreeing the 'girlfriend air' theory was correct and that Janie's was particularly powerful.

One person wrote: "That’s not girlfriend air, that’s a girlfriend oxygen tank."

Another joked: "This is like one of those videos where a shelter dog gets adopted."

"You saved his life," penned a third.

Meanwhile a fourth said: "Why is girlfriend air so good and boyfriend air is HORRIBLE."

"This should be studied for science,” claimed a fifth.

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Someone else added: "My jaw dropped."

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