CLEANING the bathroom is never a glamorous activity, but there are tips and tricks that can help make the process more bearable.

One mom online shared her amazement when she found a hidden feature on her toilet that makes cleaning a breeze.

Mom-of-three Rebecca Ryan shared an Instagram Reel with her followers revealing a toilet cleaning hack she didn't known about for most of her life.

“I’ve been cleaning bathrooms since I was 8 and always hated trying to clean around the bolts,” Rebecca wrote in her caption.

In the video, text read: “I was today years old when I realized toilet seats easily detach for cleaning!”

Rebecca recorded herself lifting the tabs of her toilet’s seat, revealing small clips on either side of the bolts keeping it attached to the toilet.

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She then simply pulled the toilet seat with some force towards her and it completely detached from the toilet bowl. 

“Did you know this!? How did I not know this!?” Rebecca wrote in her caption.

“Also, be glad I spared you from the before video,” she added, insinuating that there was a lot of grime built up from over the years.

“If you haven’t been doing this, take it from me, go clean it now. Like NOW. Especially if you have a recently potty trained boy,” she wrote.

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The comment section of her post was filled with contradicting responses.

Some shared their excitement for this revelation, with one writing: “OMG I literally just stopped watching this just [to] go clean my toilet.”

Others were unphased by the hack, which they said they’ve known about for a long time.

Meanwhile, most people explained that this toilet feature is only available on newer or pricier models.

Most common toilet models have bolts that can be unscrewed instead, which typically requires more effort and is less utilized by people.

Rebecca has a Sterling toilet, which features “Grip-Tight bumpers” that can easily unfasten the detachable seat as demonstrated.

Other brands like KOHLER and Delta Foundations offer similar detachable toilet seat features.

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