PEOPLE are only just realising why bottles of soy sauce have two openings – however not all are convinced we should actually be using them like we’re supposed to anyway. 

A chef has taken to Instagram to reveal why there's two openings on a soy sauce bottle, one on either side of the lid – and suggested that most of us have been using them wrong.  

Michelin-trained French chef Pierre Schaeffer shared a clip of him demonstrating how to properly pour soy sauce from one of the Kikkoman bottles. 

However, his post sparked a huge debate online, as people rushed to the comments to share how unhygienic they thought his hack was. 

Sharing the video with his 112,000 followers, Pierre, known online as @pierre.le.chef, said: “Ever wondered why there's two holes in the cap of this bottle?”

During the clip, he is seen pouring the sauce out of one of the two holes. 


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With one of his fingers, he covers the other that isn’t being used, causing the liquid to stop pouring, suggesting it’s there to help people control how much of the dressing they add to their dishes. 

The revelation attracted plenty of attention online, gaining more than 20,351 likes and 1.3 million views. 

In the comments, people shared their reactions, with one writing: “oh how my life has changed… thank you for this!”

“No! I never understood why there were 2 holes ! Amazing revelation! Thanks,” commented another. 

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Although not all were in favour of people following the hack, with some even labelling it ‘gross’. 

Another added: “I'm Malaysian, grew up with this at home and nobody I know does that here. Please don't touch the spouts. It's gross lol.”

“Goodness, I don’t think I’ll ever use soy sauce in a restaurant again,” shared someone else. 

One other put: “Do people not understand basic physics…?”

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