A SOCIAL media user has shared how her mum is often mistaken for her other sister as she looks so youthful. 

TikToker Mischa, who can be found at @mdogzzz, got her mum and her sibling in front of the camera to recreate an old family photo.

And it’s clear to see why everyone thinks they are three sisters, as her mum has barely aged a day from when her grown up daughters were babies. 

Mischa, 17, posted a video to her account of her, her sister and mum getting into a formation and pulling faces for the camera. 

She typed alongside it: “Everyone thinks we are sisters, but…”

The clip then cuts to a picture of the trio in exactly the same positions enjoying a ride on a carousel. 

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The video, which has been liked over 508k times, attracted lots of attention from other social media users who couldn’t believe their eyes. 

They flocked to the comment section to say how amazing and glam Mischa’s mum is and how she looks exactly the same all these years on.

One person wrote: “Your mum hasn’t aged a day,” to which Mischa replied: “Literally.”

A second TikToker said: “Sorry girls but your mum is on another level.”

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Others also joined the conversation and dished out the compliments. 

A third person typed: “The mum drinks from the fountain of youth.”

Another added: “Your mumma is definitely a vampire.

“Lucky, going to inherit those youthful genes.” 

As a fourth commented: “Literally thought she was the oldest sister… go mama.”

Other people also likened Mischa’s mum to Hollywood film star Penelope Cruz.

And Mischa revealed this was far from the first occasion, as she replied back to the person who left the comment. 

She answered: “She gets this all the time!” 

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As others said they hoped they looked as good as her when they were her age.

One wrote: “Dear God, please let me age like this.” As a second joined in, as they added: “You are all gorgeous, wishing I aged that well too.” 

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