WHEN a pair of expecting parents shared their happy news with loved ones, they received excited queries about their baby girl's name.

But when they shared the name they'd picked, they were hit with a shocked "oh" from their family and plenty of trolling from strangers.

The anonymized exchange was shared in a Facebook group called "That's it, I'm bored and shaming everything," where users ruthlessly criticize anything and everything.

In a screenshot, a user shared an exchange between an expectant parent and a congratulatory loved one.

"Have you picked out any names?" the person who shared the screenshot asked the mom- or dad-to-be.

"I'm pretty sure we are naming her Reighfyl," the new parent wrote back. "Pronounced like 'rifle.'"


New mom’s baby name sounds like a ‘car crash’ or a ‘toenail fungus’ cream

The original poster's one-word response said it all: "Oh."

In the comments section on Facebook, people ripped into the parents and the "terrible, terrible name" they chose.

"You can’t put 'eigh' into just any name and call it good," one critic said.

"That name is a Tragedeigh," a fellow troll agreed.

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Many were worried about the child being criticized by others when she reached school.

"Kindergarten is going to be so hard for that little baby," one sympathetic commenter wrote.

"I hate parents who give their kids uncommon, hard to say or spell names," another agreed.

They continued, "It is a lifetime curse of correcting people, spelling your name for people, and finally just answering to any name that sounds vaguely like yours."

"I'm okay with an unusual name," a member of the group wrote, "BUT rifle isn't great already.

"Seriously just stared at the name," they added. "Until reading the 'rifle' I did not get it. This is awful."

The weapon-inspired name might open the door for feminized versions of other violent words, one person said.

As examples, they listed Felony, Syndikeight (syndicate), Cartel, Butcher, or even Jennicyde (genocide).

One person said the name sounded like a medication, while another said it was a "Scrabble tile name."

"Just throw them down and see what you come up with," they joked.

And one clever commenter shared their strategy for reacting with poise when they meet a child with a unique name.

"Me when I hear a ridiculous child’s name and I need to know more about it without sounding too much like an a**: 'oh wow, is that a family name?'" they wrote.

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