Natalie Portman, Yara Shahidi and more high-profile female activists in the industry are taking a stand with Dior Beauty to support the impact women have on the world in honor of International Women's Day.

On March 8, Dior invites women to share challenges they've overcome in their own lives — and some of their celebrity ambassadors are joining the #DiorStandsWithWomen #DiorChinUp campaign.

Made in partnership with the Charlize Theron Africa Outreach Project (which works to fight HIV in South Africa), Dior Beauty tapped Portman, Shahidi, architect India Madhavi, Chinese actress Li Bingbing, model Dilone, South African figure skater Yuna Kim and writer Leïla Slimani to share their stories in a series of inspiring videos.

"It was like instilled in me very early on that if there is injustice you have to stand up because not standing up against injustice is being complicit with it," Portman said. "There are so many different aspects to female equality really. All of them are of equal importance because there need to be so many different ways that we attack the historic inequality and oppression."

Portman went on to explain some of the "moving victories" she's witnessed for women's rights.

"Whether it's been working with the WE Foundation to create schools for girls in developing nationals and to see women that I have met through A New Way of Life — a women's reentry programs from prison in Los Angeles. [They] have been traumatized over and over again in their lives and then come out and become community organizers and get reunited with their children," she said.

In her own video, Shahidi opened up about finding her voice as a young women and gaining the confidence to speak up in various situations without others viewing her as too "aggressive."

"What we know to be true is that so many young women aren't given the space to feel heard consistently, to feel as though people are genuinely taking the time to understand what they are saying," Shahidi said.

"So when I go in to fight for what I believe is right or what I believe is crucial to a certain project I think there are many times that women, and it's only exacerbated if you're a woman of color, toe the line between being viewed as assertive and driven or aggressive," she continued. "It is important and requires constant conversation even for me to know that my being assertive, my being committed and my being driven is not something to ever be ashamed of."

Portman hopes that for the next generation of women that there are "fewer expectations put on them and that they can just pursue their inner selves."

She continued: "I think it's been such a long time that we haven't had an amplification of women's voices. Women's voices have always been there but not everyone is always listening. So it's an incredible time to start listening."

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