A DRIVER has been left disgruntled after finding a very patronising note from their neighbour.

Taking to Reddit a resident shared the rather passive aggressive note they had found taped to their car.

In the note the neighbour had demonstrated the ‘correct way to park’ with a sketch showing three cars parked within the lines.

They then added a second sketch labelled ‘how you managed to park’ showing a car parked over the line, followed by a note saying ‘must try harder.’

The photo was shared by a fellow neighbour who explained it had not been his car but he had spotted the note.

He wrote: “Good effort from the neighbour on this parking note.

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“Just to point out this was not left on my car, I park like a good boy. It was one neighbour leaving it on another neighbour's car. I am just really nosy and like to see what they have put on the note.”

Fellow Redidtors were big fans of the note, quick to applaud the parking vigilante.

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One wrote: “I appreciate the consideration that this person may be a visual learner.”

“Your neighbour is a teacher,” added another, while a third wrote, “Ouch, hit them with that "not angry, just disappointed" thing.”

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