A WOMAN has revealed that her partner's family has the weirdest Christmas tradition – and she plans to 'destroy' them at it.

Becca Murray, from the US, revealed how she planned to beat the family at their annual Christmas competition.

Taking to TikTok, the young woman showed off her 'Who Hair' to her 370k followers.

She said: "I'm spending Christmas with my partner's family and today they're having a Who Hair contest."

The competition is based on the classic Christmas film, The Grinch, and the Who's wacky hairstyles.

Becca showed off her hairdo for the evening – which honestly wouldn't look out of place in the film.


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She put her hair into a point, braided the sides, and added baubles, bows, and ribbons to finish it off.

Becca revealed: "rules say you can use anything you can find.

"I stole decor from a random vase + pipe cleaners + the bottom of my spray bottle for structural support."

Looking into the mirror, she said smugly: "I think they must have underestimated how competitive I am."

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"I don’t come to win, I come to destroy," she captioned the video which went viral with over one million views.

People loved her dedication to the competition, which Becca later found out wasn't exactly the case.

She revealed it was actually just an activity they like to do, but she declared herself the winner.

One wrote: "You definitely won! Who’s fabulous!"

Another person commented: ""I think they may have underestimated how competitive I am" as the ornament literally swings behind you."

A third added: "It looks amazing!!! You’ve got this!"

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