A CLEANING expert said you don’t need to buy new, pricey gadgets to get your shower squeaky clean.

Her hack involves an item that has been around for decades and can be purchased for $1 at your local drugstore.

Organizing pro-Stephanie Booth (@stephanieboothhome) uses her TikTok to inspire her followers to tackle their spaces with care and efficiency.

In one video, she said when it comes to scrubbing her shower walls, she keeps it old school.

“Y’all I really gave this dish wash shower cleaning hack a good try but it really drove me nuts,” she said, referring to the trick that went viral on TikTok.

“I spent more time trying to get the darn thing to work, then I had to turn it upside down to get any liquid out. It hurt my wrist, and it didn’t do a good job cleaning the fixtures.”

A frustrated Stephanie tossed the handheld sponge and opted for her original method.

“My OG hack for keeping my shower clean is a $1 bath loofah. Y’all, this is so much easier and cheaper.”

Holding the round sponge that is typically used to wash our bodies, she poured DIY cleaning soap onto it – which involves distilled water and two teaspoons of castile soap – and began scrubbing the tile walls.

“The loofah material powers through the soap scum so much faster and it gets those fixtures totally clean,” she said while wiping down the shower faucet.

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The best part? It’s machine washable, so you can toss it in the wash after a few uses so that it’s fresh and grime free every time.

Viewers appreciated her advice.

“Thank you! I never liked that scrubber brush either. It ALWAYS wound up leaking,” one person wrote.

“Brilliant,” another praised.

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