WE CAN all expect a little noise from our neighbours, but one man has revealed how his took it to the extreme and as a result he took the ultimate revenge.

Taking to Reddit the resident revealed that his new neighbours had gotten into a habit of playing loud music and singing all hours of the day.

In his post, he wrote: “I've asked them if they could keep it down multiple times but they just ignored me and called me an a**hole for having a problem with them being happy and singing. Or told me to get a pair of noise cancelling headphones. 

“I felt like they have no respect for their neighbours because the other guy next to them doesn't want to hear them screeching at the top of their lungs either.”

So in a bid to put an end to his suffering, the man decided to give his neighbours a taste of their own medicine.

He continued: “I borrowed a pair of speaker towers from my buddy and pressed them against the wall facing the wall. 

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“Put it on full blast and started playing Bird is the Word on repeat from 8am sharp when there is no noise ordinance against noise. The wall even trembles. 

“I definitely woke them up after their late night yesterday. Every time the song ends I could hear them banging against the wall telling me shut up. 

“They came knocking on my door extremely pissed off and I just told them "what kind of a**hole are you that you don't like music?" and slammed the door. I'll keep blasting Bird is the Word until 10pm and start up at 8am sharp tomorrow. I'll then cool it and see if they stop screeching moving forward.”

The man added that he had discussed the idea with his fellow neighbour first to make sure that he would be OK with the plan.

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And it seems that the plan was a success as he explained his neighbours eventually came round to having a mature discussion and they agreed to keep the noise down.

Fellow redditors were quick to praise his efforts, applauding his revenge in the comments.

One wrote: “This brings a smile to my shrivelled petty heart.”

“Oof, I hate that song. That's some good revenge,” added another, while a third wrote, “My God I laughed so hard!”

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