A WOMAN has complained about her future mother-in-law, who is hell-bent on shaming her and her groom for not helping out his daughter with her own wedding.

The mother-in-law even tried forcing her to buy her future stepdaughter’s $14,000 wedding dress and called her “heartless” after she refused. 

According to the woman, who took her complaints to an anonymous post on Reddit, she is getting married in May while her fiancé’s 25-year-old daughter is tying the knot in June.

They have not offered his daughter any money to help with her special day – nor has she asked – and the grandmother, who is the poster’s future mother-in-law, is absolutely furious. 

“His mother is very upset that we aren't paying for his daughter's wedding and has been making comments that we are selfish and he doesn't need a second wedding,” the woman claimed.

“Mother-in-law told my soon-to-be stepdaughter that her dad doesn't care about her or he would want to pay for her wedding,” she added.

The “final straw” for the soon-to-be stepmother was during the daughter’s wedding dress appointment.

She said it was “slightly awkward” once she discovered the daughter only invited her because the mother-in-law pressured her to – but that’s not the worst part.

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“She found her dress and was going to buy it, and mother-in-law turned to me in front of everyone (three friends, her future mother-in-law, and the consultant) and asked if I was going to pay for it,” the poster recalled.

“His daughter even told her to stop. 

“The dress was $14K. 

“There is no way I was paying for that.”

The daughter eventually put an end to her grandmother’s outburst, but not before the grandmother got another comment in about her father not loving her enough.

“I finally snapped at her to shut up,” the stepmother wrote.

“After [my husband and I] called her together and told her that she was being ridiculous and if she brings up paying for his daughter's wedding one more time, she will be blacklisted from ours. 

“Mother-in-law said we were being too hard on her and that was a mean threat and we are heartless,” she concluded. 

Luckily for the poster, fellow Redditors confirmed that she was not in the wrong – but what they were really concerned about was the price of the wedding dress.

“Guessing mother-in-law doesn't ‘love her granddaughter enough’ to fork out $14K herself, let alone the entire cost of the wedding,” one reader wrote.

“$14K for a f**king dress! I spent less than that for both of my weddings,” another added.

“Granddaughter didn't even ask for money, and any bride who can shell out $14,000 for a wedding dress clearly doesn't have financial worries. Enough is enough,” a third person slammed.

It’s no secret weddings – or simply a wedding dress – can cause plenty of drama within a family. 

One enraged mother-in-law wore her own wedding dress to her son’s wedding after he and his bride rejected her original dress choice.

Another woman was slammed by the internet after donning a fully-fledged bridal gown to a wedding she was invited to.

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