A BEAUTY fan has revealed how she got her lip filler dissolved after it migrated under her nose. 

Guiliana Ava took to TikTok to share the results which left some people shocked. 

In a video, which has gone viral with over 111k people ‘liking’ it, she says: “Guys, I just want you to know I'm on a lip filler dissolving journey.

“I got my lips filled back in April, and when she injected me, I think she went a little too high on my border.

“So although my border was sharp, it migrated, like, right under my nose, and I kind of had, like, a filler moustache, and I just hated it.

“Like, I hated the look.



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“I didn't feel natural anymore.

“It wasn't me.

“My lips were too big.

“They projected too much.

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“When I beat my face for a night out, I just felt like my lipstick and my lip liner made my lips look 10 times bigger than they already were.

“And they were already big.

“I'm fresh off the needle, literally.

“I just left my appointment to get them dissolved.

“She used two vials to dissolve my top and bottom lip and the migration, and I'm so swollen.

“But this is what they look like right now.”

Lip filler dissolving works when concentrated doses of hyaluronidase are injected into the lips.

This will help to break down the hyaluronic acid in the lip filler and it is then disposed of by the body’s natural systems. 

However, this caused a large amount of swelling for Guiliana which left people stunned by the results. 

Hundreds of people rushed to the comments section to share their thoughts. 

One said: “On a scale from 1-10 how bad is the pain? “

To which Guiliana replied: “It wasn’t bad!! Like maybe a 6.5/7! – It looks more painful than it is / was.”

Another said: “When I dissolved mine it took 2 syringes but it never got swollen like that!”

To which the beauty fan replied: “Mine never did either but this filler isn’t from the US, it’s UK filler… so I have a feeling that’s why lol.” 

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A third wrote: “Ugh, I’ve been there. 🫠 I was giving Marge Simpson when my filler migrated.

"You’re gonna love the end results after dissolving what’s necessary!” 

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