SHE'S been married to her "hot husband" for the past 10 years, and says people are always amazed that they don't have more kids together.

But mum-of-two Jen revealed in a hilarious video on TikTok that the reason they haven't procreated more is because of some of his "characteristics" – which she referred to as "hot husband birth control".

First of all, her husband "hates shoes".

"That’s fine – we all have things we don’t like," she said.

"But this man hates shoes so much he refuses to wear regular shoes, at all.

"In college we had a professor who was nicknamed the barefoot professor’ – and he indoctrinated my husband to not ever want to wear shoes.

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"So now when he has to wear shoes, he wears these…"

Jen then grimaced as she showed a picture of a pair of shoes with individual sections for each toe, as she added: "And you don’t know stench until you know Vibram toe sock stench!"

The next characteristic is the contraption her husband has to sleep with at night to help with his sleep apnoea.

"It’s not even a little one," she said, holding up the CPAP machine he has to wear at night.

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"When my kid first saw him wear it, he said, ‘Daddy go spaceship?’

"Because he looks like an astronaut."

His body temperature also causes a problem for Jen, as she "cannot touch him without him sweating".

It also means that she can't cuddle him at night and they've had to install a "divider" in their bed to keep them apart because he sweats so much – even though he sleeps naked.

"I named it Monica, and I hate her," Jen raged.  

The final thing on Jen's birth control list is one she acknowledge might not seem like an issue to someone on the outside of their relationship.

"The man gets upset about literally nothing," she said.

"We could be mid argument. And then I realise, I’m the only one arguing.

"Like, aren’t you mad? Be mad with me!"

The comments section was quickly filled with people weighing in on Jen's video, with many admitting the toe shoes would be a "deal breaker" for them.

"Not gonna lie I don’t think I could get past the toe shoes, I didn’t even know those exist," one wrote.

"He’s lucky you met him before he switched to the toe shoes," another added.

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"That is all serious birth control," a third laughed.

As someone else commented: "This is the most hilarious, thorough somehow loving dragging I have ever heard."

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