A WIFE has been branded as “jealous” for getting annoyed at how much time her husband spends on Tik Tok.

Donna and Emmanuel have experienced friction in their marriage due to him spending ten hours a day on the popular video sharing app. 

What’s more, the 33-year-old musician communicates with women through social media – something his wife is not happy about.

The 62-year-old admitted: “It makes me angry.

“I want him to pay more attention to me.

“My husband says that he is faithful and I shouldn’t be jealous.”

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Donna added that Emmanuel – who she affectionately calls Nino – is particularly bad at getting off his phone when they’re out for dinner or on romantic getaways. 

The pair met in Ghana eight years ago when Donna was travelling Africa and tied the knot a few years later. 

And while some people may put the digital friction down to their age gap, Emmanuel assured that “love knows no age and we can’t control what we feel”.

Donna said: “Nino’s a wonderful man, but his attachment to social media is a problem.”

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The musician is said to use Tik Tok to promote his AfroBeat music, as well as communicate with his friends in Africa. 

He believes that “all women are always jealous” and Donna’s bitterness towards his social media habits is unfounded.

Speaking on Dr Phil, Emmanuel said: “It’s an issue for her because maybe she wants so much time, at a time that I don’t want that particular time.

“I’ve got a lot to do on social media.

“I promote myself, I’m an independent artist so I’m always there, you know?”

The musician's social media addiction spans multiple apps, including Instagram and Facebook.

Donna retaliated that her husband gets “lost along the line” with promoting his music and ends up chatting to women at “inappropriate times”.

Psychologist Dr Shefali Tsabary said: “She seems to have taken on this archetype of the mother role almost.

“And enabling him in some way without realising that she is.

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“Her need for connection is so great that she’s allowing him to kind of run the ship.”

Dr Tsabary added that Emmanuel is “more married to social media” than his wife and being a “rebelling younger person”.

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