A WOMAN has admitted feeling the awful weight of responsibility after her friend gave her daughter a horrific name.

The unusual moniker was inspired by the child's rapper dad, but she was the one who suggested it in the first place.

Now she feels she has to hang her head in shame for blighting this child with such a dodgy name.

Beset with guilt, she turned to the online community Reddit for some clarity.

"What did they think?" she asked, in her post. "Was it really so bad?"

Of the thousand-plus who commented, the vast majority declared it a bit of a rubbish name.

She began her post in no uncertain terms: "I helped my friend name her baby a horrific name."

Some context was offered to her baby-naming dilemma. It all started when her pregnant friend asked for some advice on baby names.

"She wanted something unique and fit her and her boyfriend's personalities, qualities, and passions.

"He was a rapper (and a good one at that) and I thought Lyric would be cute, but maybe we could make it more feminine. What about Lyrica?" she suggested.

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But her recommendation was something that would come back to haunt her.

She never thought her friend would ever name her daughter Lyrica.

But it got worse. She learned there were some unfortunate connotations to the name.

"It is now the name of a very popular diabetes medication. I know Lyrica the medication was approved in 2004, but I had never heard of it then.

"Poor kid. My bad," she admitted.

There was some consolation in the comments to her post. Not everyone judged it so badly.

"I've never heard of the medication, [but] Lyrica is actually kind of pretty in my opinion," was this person's response.

There was another fan here too:  "I think Lyrica is quite pretty. I know someone who called their baby Savlon which is a cream, so there’s that."

But there were very bad associations for this Redditor.

"Lyrica is the medication that caused me to pile on 30 kilos and turn into an angry monster. So yeah, no good connotations for me!"

If Lyrica was bad, a couple of commenters had heard far worse.

"I've seen a Senna before, which is a popular laxative," said one baffled person.

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While another said: "I know someone who named their kid Nicolette. Every time I hear it I think of Nicorette."

But there was some comfort and another perspective offered by this commenter: "So in essence, she is named after something to take away crippling pain. Which is sweet."

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