A MOTHER has taken to social media to show off her five-year-old daughter’s ‘genius’ plan so that she can have more time in bed every morning before going to school.

26-year-old single mum Noel (@_the1stnoel) took to TikTok to reveal her daughter Giada’s epic life hack.

Noel explained that not only does her daughter’s trick mean that she can have a longer sleep, but it also helps them to get out of the door in record time.

Sharing the simple but effective hack on the video sharing platform, Noel said: “Honestly I respect her thought process so young.”

She then explained: “My five-year-old daughter wanted to put her school uniform on after her bath so she can sleep longer in the morning.”

In the clip, we saw Noel’s daughter wearing her school uniform, whilst sleeping in bed.

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Noel also explained that prior to Giada going to sleep, Noel made sure to do her hair ready for the next day too.

As a result,the pair could wake up and have a stress-free morning. 

Noel shared her clip on the social media app just one day ago, but it has quickly gone viral and has amassed a whopping 3.3million views.

It has clearly impressed many, as it has 437.7k likes and 1,176 comments.

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Not only this, but it has been shared 1,141 times.

Social media users were left open-mouthed at the little girl’s clever idea and many people flooded the comments praising her tip. 

One person said: “I mean it gives you a few extra minutes too so that’s a win-win” to which Noel responded “Honestly it’s great lol.”

Another added: “This is the only thing I regret NOT doing, she’s brilliant.” 

A third commented: “She’s an icon.”

Meanwhile, another user claimed: “Very wise girl, she has her head screwed on!” 

Another parent simply said: “Genius.” 

Someone else chimed in: "That’s smart."

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One user noted: "Brilliant queen."

Whilst someone else noted: “I used to do this and braid my hair too so all I had to do was brush my teeth and finger comb my hair” to which Noel explained “that’s what we did.”

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