WE all need to teach our kids right from wrong some way, right?

For this mum, her daughter got a little tired of being put in 'time out' and managed to fall asleep standing up.

The Tiktok, which has 6.1 million views showed mother Judith Rose checking on her daughter who had been put in 'time out' and made to stand in the corner of the room.

Her daughter, however, had managed to fall asleep while waiting there, as she showed in the video.

The 8 second video gathered tonnes of fellow parents advice on the discipline method as some were not sure how fair the punishment was.


Some even branded the time out as 'abuse' while others got angry, saying: "Dang, so according to these comments we aint even allowed to give kids time outs?? First spankings and now this??"

One viewer got heated over the discpline method, saying: "Y’all think this is abuse ? when we stood in the corner we had to fight everything in us to not cry bc then corner would turn into belt real quick."

"From the comments I can see why the world is the way it is today. Kids need discipline, nothing wrong with time outs." Argued another.

One tried to balance out the mixed comments, observing that: "All these people saying how this is wrong are the problems with the world today, kids deserve to learn right and wrong and the outcomes of both."

One parent reminded others not to comment on other mums' parenting, saying: "Say it with me “this is not my child so I have no say in the way she’s disciplined”.

To which Judith replied: "Omgg Yesss! It's horrible it's coming from mostly women!"

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Judith's daughter stayed asleep in the video, though some said they would wake her up and even tuck her in bed.

"You can gentle parent AND use time outs," to which Judith replied: "OMG YES!"

Many parents said that their kids often misbehave, take a nap and then they are right as rain again, as one even said: "Explains why she was acting out. She was just tired."

Some felt Judith took it too far, saying: "I just couldn’t do this to a child."

"Giving time out is so bad for the kids…you have to listen to them and find out what their behaviour is about…poor angel…"

Many agreed that Judith's daughter needed a nap rather than a 'time out', saying: "She needed a nap. Not a time out. You should have known better."

Seeing the bright side, a commenter joked that:"She got tired of herself too."

While many praised her daughter for multi-tasking, saying: "That's one way to beat the system."

"That's when you know they just really needed a nap," another laughed.

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