A BODY positive influencer has shared her number one piece of advice for how she’s embraced her curves. 

Olivia Kirkby – who has previously described herself as a “human marshmallow” thanks to her “back rolls”, “squishy hips” and “little belly” – revealed her go-to phrase to give herself and others the confidence they deserve. 

Olivia, who can be found on TikTok at @olivia_kirkby, said it’s something she learned helped her feel good about herself and therefore has put into practice ever since. 

And the TikToker, who has been very open about her own body journey after recovering from an eating disorder, told her 628.8k followers she doesn’t care what internet trolls think of how she looks.

Instead Olivia, who now lives by the mantra “you deserve to be comfortable in your own skin”, said people’s comments only spur her on to use it more. 

In a recent video, she explained: “This was something that genuinely changed my life. I know it sounds silly, but, trust me, try it.”

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She then shared her secret, which she had dubbed her “‘cute little’ formula.”

Olivia continued: “You’ve probably noticed it from my other videos [because I said] ‘cute little… whatever the insecurity.”

Olivia then went on to give examples of exactly what she meant as she highlighted parts of her body and said, “cute little belly,” “cute little wobbly arms”, and the “cute little dimple” on her bum. 

She added: “I think I’ve stopped saying it on my videos because one time I got told, ‘It’s not little.’

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“And I was like, ‘That’s probably true,’ but I was like, ‘I don’t care!’

“I’m not calling it little because it’s little, I’m calling it that because it’s cute.

“And if you hate it right now, that’s fine – but you can say, ‘Oh, I’m really struggling to accept my cute little rolls.

“I don’t care if you look like a sack of potatoes – you’re a cute little sack of potatoes.”

The social media star, who has a huge online following, continued with her positivity in her caption, as she wrote: “Everyone’s insecurities in my opinion are actually super cute when you think about it.

“Like your dimples on your legs, omg or your rolls.”

She then spoke directly to trolls or people who are struggling with their own insecurities.

She typed: “I don’t care if you think they’re ‘gross’ or ‘ugly’ or whatever, because they’re actually cute. 

She concluded: “We all find weird things cute – like a baby elephant is cute or a dog with lots of neck rolls is cute so why not your bells rolls also?

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“You can apply this to anything and it’s just a nicer way to speak to yourself.

“At the end of the day, it’s speaking kindly to yourself that makes a difference.”

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