A HOME expert has shared her DIY hack for ridding your garden of weeds.

The gardening enthusiast revealed the three-ingredient solution she swears by.

Instagram user Babs (@brunchwithbabs) showed her followers how to "tackle those weeds."

In her video, the Instagrammer explained: "I made a simple solution of Epsom salt, white vinegar, and liquid detergent."

In the clip's caption, Babs broke down the measurements for each ingredient.

She uses one cup of salt, a quarter cup of Dawn dish soap, and a gallon of vinegar.

After combining the ingredients in a spray bottle, Babs demonstrated the best way to use it in your garden.

"Make sure you target the weed and do this first thing in the morning before the hot sun so the solution doesn’t evaporate," she said.

Babs added: "Make sure to target the weeds directly. DO NOT spray the grass or any plants or they will die as well.

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The home expert also advised her followers to mow their lawns "every six to seven days."

The content creator showed viewers a shot of her husband cutting their grass.

"I wear my golf shoes, it helps aerate the lawn," he explained.

Instagram users took to the comments section to share their thoughts on the hack.

"I like the natural weed killer! That’s great," wrote one impressed viewer.

Another follower said: "Thanks for the natural weed killer solution. It's out of control this year."

"I'm trying the weed solution today!!" commented a third person.

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