A MUM has issued an urgent warning to other parents after her daughter suffered second degree burns while playing at a kids' playground.

Chloe took to TikTok to share a video of her one-year-old daughter Vivienne as she explained what had happened, saying: "I want to share this so that other mums and other parents can avoid this situation.

"She has second degree burns on her hands from a slide at a playground."

Chloe said that she'd taken Vivienne to the park, and was excited to see her explore by herself as she's just started walking.

"And I made a huge mistake," she said.

"I didn't look at the playground or think anything of it. But I put her shoes on her and let her run around and she instantly went over to the slide, which was a metal slide.

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"I feel like a horrible mum because honestly this is pretty much my entire fault and I could have avoided it so easily.

"But she walked up to the slide and put her hands on it."

Chloe immediately thought that the slide might be hot, so walked over to her daughter – who still had her hands on the metal – and gently pulled them off.

"Once I pulled them off she started screaming and crying," she said.

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"And she was just crying, nothing would soothe her, I even tried to nurse her, which I haven't done in three days.

"And instantyl her hands were like wrinkly in spots and within 20 minutes they had blistered."

Chloe and her other half decided to take Vivienne to the hospital, where they covered her hands in creams and wrapped them up in little mittens to stop her from touching them.

They then said they'd have to take Vivienne to the burns unit the next morning, which they did.

"They had to pop all of the blisters on her hands so that they can start healing properly and these are soft casts that they put on her so that she can't mess with them, can't touch them," she said, adding that her hands are splaying out inside the casts to stop the skin from touching itself.

"She's going to have these on for a week and they said that next week we should be able to get them taken off and everything should be fully healed" Chloe said.

"But let this be a reminder to all parents that when you take your kid to the park, make sure you test the temperature of whatever they're going to be playing on or might be touching because this is from a slide.

"She got second degree burns from a slide

"I knew it could be hot – I never knew it could be that hot.

"And again I feel like a horrible mum for letting this happen.

"I hope that me sharing this prevents it from happening to at least one other kid.

"Luckily Vivienne doesn't seem to mind the casts too much, she's still a happy girl, I just feel horrible."

People in the comments section were quick to reassure Chloe that the accident was not her fault, with one writing: "Metal slides shouldn’t be a thing anymore.

"Canopies should be placed at all playgrounds.

"This isn’t your fault please don’t blame yourself."

"This must have been such a vulnerable post for you to make but please know you are not a horrible mum…you are a mum," another added.

"We’ve all done something we wish we could’ve changed the outcome.

"I agree with many, those slides need to go. Speedy recovery Vivi."

"I’m so sorry that happened," a third commented.

"I know it’s hard not to beat yourself up but it was an honest mistake! You’re doing amazing."

"It’s not your fault mama!" someone else insisted.

"Metal slides really shouldn’t be in playgrounds. She still looks so happy as always."

"Wow, thank you guys for the overwhelming love and grace and kindness," Chloe said as she returned to the comments later on.

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"I knew some ppl would be mean to me about this, but sharing it is important to protect other little ones.

"Will always share the real and raw side of motherhood with you guys! & you’ve seriously made me feel so much better, thank you."

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