WHEN Marisa Carpineta filmed a video of her baby daughter getting her ears pierced, she hoped it would inspire other parents to ditch the piercing gun and opt for a needle instead.

But little did she know, she would be viciously trolled over the viral clip and kickstart a fierce parenting debate.

The American mum posted the viral video three days ago and captioned it: "6 months calls for ear piercing."

In the clip, Marisa urges other parents to take their children to a tattoo parlour to get their ears done as they tend to use needles instead of piercing guns.

She then shared footage of her baby girl crying and wriggling in the tattooing chair as she tries to calm her down.

The mum holds her daughters in place as she's having her ear lobes pierced with a long needle and then gives her a kiss on the nose.

She said: "Stop using piercing guns on your babies. Get them pierced at a tattoo/piercing shop."

After they finished up, the mum joked that she shot the man a "dirty look" in the parlour.

And when they got outside, Marisa said her daughter was once again a "happy baby" as she proudly showed off her tot's stud earrings.

Unsurprisingly, viewers were completely divided in the comments – with some arguing that six months was too young to pierce baby's ears.

This made my skin crawl. Don't inflict unnecessary pain on a baby?!

"This made my skin crawl," one wrote. "Don't inflict unnecessary pain on a baby?!"

In response, Marisa said: "Wah wah wah – she's not your kid, mind [your business]."

Another argued: "This should be illegal. It should be the baby's choice when they can make one. Putting them through that pain is awful."

"That's terrible," a third wrote. "And the mom smiles. Urgh poor baby."

Meanwhile, a mum-of-two wrote: "Wait and let your child choose."

Jumping to the mum's defence, a fifth said: "Y'll act like you'd even remember being pierced as a baby."

Hitting back at the criticism, Marisa filmed a follow-up video the day after and said her daughter "literally had no idea what happened."

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