A CLEANING-mad mum famed for her immaculate home has shared three super easy laundry hacks.

The best part is that they're completely free and they'll save you hours – with one even banishing ironing for good.

Chantel Mila, from Melbourne, Australia, shared the tips on her Instagram and TikTok page writing: "These are my three inexpensive laundry hacks that really work."

The home guru said she does these things every time she changes her bed linen and it makes doing the laundry "a breeze".


First up, Chantel speeds up the bed-making process by ensuring she always puts the fitted sheet on the right way.

And yes, there is a right way, apparently, and it means you don't have to faff about trying to put the sheet on.

"Save time on your sheets by making sure the fitted sheets tags always go on the bottom right hand corner," Chantel said. 

Home guru Liz  previously shared the same hack on her account admitting she wished she'd known it sooner.


Meanwhile, to avoid having to iron the bed sheets, and still have perfectly crinkle-free linen, Chantel has a little trick up her sleeve.

She says to spray "tap water from a spray bottle as you tuck the sheets to remove the need for ironing". 

This works because when you dampen the linen slightly (be sure not to soak it) and stretch out the fabric, it works much like a DIY steamer.

Then, run your hand firmly across the creases to smooth them out and leave them to dry before making the rest of the bed.


Finally, Chantel said she always "fluffs" her pillows in the dryer with a tennis ball for five minutes – rather than trying to plump them up by hand.

According to the mum, the tennis ball bounces around hitting the pillows causing them to fluff up while they dry.

Without the tennis ball, the material inside the pillows can clump up causing them to become flat.

So her handy tip will guarantee hotel-worthy pillows every single time.

Thousands of Chantel's followers watched the clip and were pretty impressed by what they saw.

Many dubbed the tips "game-changing" and vowed to try them at home themselves.

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