A MUM has shared her genius way of keeping the kids quiet and getting them to do her least favourite job – pairing up the socks.

Elizabeth Simpson, 46, from Blackwater, Hampshire, came up with the hack after letting the loose sock pile build up for months, leaving her with 340 single socks that needed pairing.

Elizabeth, a skills coach, is moving house soon and decided to let her kids take on the sock mound by turning it into a fun competition.

Kids Kenzie, 11, Robbie, 10, and Beau, 9, were given the task of pairing up the socks, with each pair matched earning them 5p.

They spent two hours pairing the socks up and earned £2 each by the end, with mum Elizabeth thrilled with the end result of having all the socks paired up and neatly put away.

Elizabeth explained: "Last year, I went through a separation, lost my job, and everything was piling on top of me so the socks were my last priority!

"It's been in the back of my mind for ages; I would scramble through the pile trying to find a pair and we're planning on moving soon so I wanted to get everything in order.

"The kids were coming round and I wanted to entertain them so I thought of this fun competition that would get the task done but still be enjoyable for them.

"I said, right, I have a fun competition and they were all really excited but when I tipped the pile onto the floor, they were shocked by how many socks there were!

"They absolutely loved it and were really competitive but were still fair and helping each other out.

"They would get a point for each pair matched which would earn them 5p and by the end, to make it fair, I gave them all £2 which they spent on sweets from the shop across the road.

"Now, I have neat piles of socks in every drawer and my least favourite chore is done!"

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