A CRAFTY woman revamped her garden path after she couldn’t afford to resurface it – but people reckon she’s done a fab job. 

She shared snaps of her worn path, which had faded over time and was in need of some TLC.

While she wanted to improve it, she didn’t have the money to get it resurfaced professionally so decided to try and revamp it herself. 

She picked up some tarmac repair kit for £7, to fill the gaps around the edges, and got some specialist tarmac paint from Wickes for £16. 

The end result is what looks like a brand new pathway – all for just £23. 

She shared her transformation to Facebook group DIY On A Budget UK, and said: “Very pleased with front path.

“£7 tarmac repair for edges. £16 tarmac black paint.

“Thought I would try this as have not got the money to have it resurfaced looks great hope it lasts a while.”

Her makeover has gone down a storm online, with hundreds of people praising her DIY project.

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One person said: “Who knew you could paint tarmac.. Ace.”

Another wrote: “That's tidied it up a treat, great job!”

A third commented: “Amazing never heard of this paint.”

While this person thought: “Looks better than it did that's for sure, and you got value for money.”

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