SHE’S the matriarch of Britain’s biggest family, but now mum-of-22 Sue Radford has revealed whether she and husband Noel will add to their brood. 

And Sue was definitive in her answer that the couple would not be welcoming baby number 23 in the future. 

In an insightful question and answer session on their The Radfords’ YouTube account, Sue, 47, and Noel, 52, gave their fans the chance to grill them on anything they liked. 

And it wasn’t long before the duo, who live in Morecambe, were asked about plans for more children.

Sue and Noel are already mum and dad to their children – Chris, 33, Sophie, 29, Chloe, 27, Jack, 25, Daniel, 24, Luke, 22, Millie, 21, Katie, 19, James, 17, Ellie, 18, Aimee, 17, Josh, 15, Max, 14, Tillie, 12, Oscar, 11, Casper, 10, Hallie, eight, Phoebe, six, Archie, five, Bonnie, four, and Heidie, three. While the couple’s 17th child Alfie was tragically still born on July 6, 2014. 

But Sue was quick to shut down the rumour mill that they would welcome any new additions, as she replied honestly. 

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She said: “So someone said, ‘anymore babies?’”

Sue then firmly shook her head and said: “No. Definitely not.

“I think now that Heidie’s three and she’s out of nappies, kind of probably going to get rid of the pram soon, and it’s just so much easier than having a newborn, a new baby.”

The mum went on to recall their recent trip to Disney World, as she continued: “When we were on holiday in April, I was kind of just sitting on the sun lounger, watching the kids playing in the pool.

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“I just thought, ‘Do you know, if we had a baby, I wouldn’t be able to do that.”

Noel then cut in and revealed: “You said that when we were out there, you did.”

As Sue continued: “We’ve loved having our kids, don’t get me wrong, I don’t want that to come across as we’ve got bored of them – definitely not.

“I just feel like for us, we’ve had our babies and children now and we’re just going to sit back and watch them grow up and the grandkids and that.”

Noel was also in agreement as he added: “No, no more babies.” 

We’ve had our babies and children now, and we’re just going to sit back and watch them grow up

This comes after the couple hit back at those who accused them of spoiling their kids. 

When someone else in the social media Q&A session asked why they thought their children deserved to be spoiled, Sue said she disagreed with the opinion. 

She explained: “I don’t think we do spoil our kids.

“I think that we try and give them a good life. [But] I don’t feel like we spoil them.”

Sue then continued: “They don’t get gifts like all the time – they get gifts when it’s their birthday or Christmas. And they certainly don't get anything in between.”

And she later clarified why it might appear that way, but genuinely isn’t.

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She said: “I feel like years ago when we had seven kids or whatever we weren’t quite as financially stable to be able to give them that kind of life, whereas now we are, so it might seem like we spoil them – but I don’t think that we do.”

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