IF you have kids then you too have probably run around their bedroom at night time, checking under beds and looking through wardrobes to assure your kids there are no monsters lurking about.

A MUM has shared a brilliant hack which can get even the most worried children to sleep easy.

The mum shared her hack on the popular Facebook group FAMILY LOWDOWN TIPS & IDEAS.

In the post she writes: "My 3-year-old is, my most anxious child, he worries about everything and needs lots of reassurance."

She goes on to discuss how recently it had been getting worse, with her little boy getting up in the middle of the night crying for her and her partner.

Lately her little one has been waking up terrified, saying he is frightened of monsters.

She says no matter how many times they tell him they aren't real that he is still scared, a situation most parents can sympathise with.

The mum came up with a genius hack to help her little boy sleep through the night without disturbing mum and dad.

She says she simply got a spray bottle and filled it with water and glitter.

The mum then made sure to brand the bottle correctly, using stickers which spelt out 'MONSTER SPRAY'so that her son would know the spray was legit.

He was CHUFFED when she gave it to him and spent the entire afternoon grinning and walking around with his newly equipped monster spray.

The mum updated her post later that night and added that 'my three-year-old is fast asleep in bed next to me still clutching the monster spray.

He said there weren't any monsters tonight but that he just needed a cuddle from mummy… Progress of sorts.'

Parents loved the idea, and many had similar ideas they too came up with.

One user wrote: "I used to sprinkle 'monster repelling powder' (aka baby talc) around the bed and said the monsters hated it because it smelled so nice. Worked a treat, got that idea form Supernanny."

Another user commented: "Worked for mine and then she lent it to the other kids in the village."

A third person responded: "Aw you're amazing, for being an amazing mum but most of all to be happy with your child spraying glitter spray all over your house!"

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