A MUM has defended giving her kids a beige ‘monstrosity’ of a meal insisting that parents shouldn’t feel guilty.

Mum Charlotte posted a photo of a plate of chips, potato waffles and fish fingers. 

Taking to the Facebook group Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK, she said: “If you find yourself feeling guilty for yet again making this monstrosity of a dinner for your kids… you are not alone.

“I’ve never been against freezer food meals but it’s not something I usually cook for my children as much as I do now in lockdown!

“Some days we just need to not have the added pressure of what society expects of us as parents and we need to sit back and remember how bloody lucky we are that we can still feed our children…. al a carte or not.”

Many parents praised her for her honesty and said her children were fortunate. 

One said: “They have a home, a full tummy and lots of love.”

Another added: “This type of food is the best!”

A third wrote: “Thankyou I needed to hear this feel like iv bn failing these past few weeks.”

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