A MIND-BOGGLING riddle has left puzzlers stumped for more than a month – and even AI can't work it out.

The riddle about a 26-year-old nursing assistant, which went viral on TikTok in December, still hasn't been solved – can you work it out?

Some internet users have been left so baffled that they think there is actually no solution to the brain teaser.

The TikTok user who shared the riddle – and later deleted her account – posted a clip of herself in the mirror.

And the caption said: "Imagine how good your life would be if you had a 26-year-old nursing assistant by your side, now replace S with N."

The video attracted a whopping 5.4 million views in a week -and thousands were left stumped by the riddle.

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Many people guessed the answer was "nurning annintant" and posted clips of themselves trying to pronounce the made up words.

And the riddle went viral again after one Twitter user said: "Every day, at least once I am haunted by this."

He added: "This, for me, remains the biggest unsolved intellectual question of our era."

The tweet caught the attention of someone who decided to run the riddle through an AI program in an attempt to solve it.

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But even the computer couldn't provide an answer.

The response said: "The meaning an intent of this post is not clear and it may be inappropriate, objectifying, and disrespectful to the nursing profession."

Then Chris Romano, who is studying behavioural science at Northwestern University, chimed into the conversation and offered his view on the solution.

According to Chris, the key lies in the "implied answer" – and not the question itself. 

He said many people would reply to the question: "So good."

He also pointed out that if you replace the "s" in "so" with the letter "n" you get the words: "No good."

"I think the implied answer to ''how good your life would be…" is "so good", which after swapping S->N would = "no good", so its a self-deprecating joke of sorts," Chris tweeted.

Many people believe Chris might have solved the riddle.

Yet some still doubted his theory.

And it turns out the original TikTok user who posted the brain teaser has revealed there is actually no solution.

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She told the Daily Dot "the answer is that it's meant to be a brain stump".

"It doesn't mean anything," she said.

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